Healing Hearts Circle

Behind Heartly House’s critical work is an inner circle of donors and supporters who make it all possible: the Healing Hearts Circle.

Healing rarely, if ever, happens in a vacuum. Only when a community comes together with gentleness, kindness, understanding, and benevolence, can we create a space for hearts and minds to heal. 

The Healing Hearts Circle is a group of caring people who have taken a pledge to donate $5,000 or more over the next five years, providing us with the long-term, sustainable funding required to achieve our crucial and urgent mission. Every dollar goes towards our work to end domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and child abuse, and to provide victims with safety, shelter, and supportive services. In addition, this investment in Heartly House is an investment in prevention. Our prevention initiatives are focused on changing the damaging culture that surrounds sexual assault and domestic violence.

The Funding “Gap”

Much of the funding we receive is through grants, which specifically dictate how those funds may be used. This often leaves a gap in the budget that selfless donors in our inner circle strive to fill. Unrestricted funds allow us to be mission driven and use dollars where they’re needed most–whether it’s for the shelter, legal services, preventative education, paying employees whose hands carry out this important work, or simply keeping our lights on.

We support Heartly House, as these wounds may not be visible, and personally, when a need was identified to help the men of our community. It’s our duty to continue to pay it forward and we do so willingly, joyfully, and without reservation.

Annette and Doug Tinder
Healing Hearts Circle Founders

Heartly House’s ability to be a beacon of light for so many depends on the foundation on which they can stand. Being part of the Healing Hearts Circle is a way that we can help strengthen that foundation.

Robin and Mark Meister
Healing Hearts Circle Founders

Our Work

Heartly House walks alongside victims to help them heal from trauma, without judgment, free of charge. From crisis intervention and hospital accompaniment, to legal services, emergency shelter, and essential prevention work, these critical services create a clear path in a journey toward healing.

Unfortunately, there is a growing need for the services Heartly House provides, requiring an increase in funding and charitable donations to continue helping those who need it most.

When you take the pledge, you will see firsthand the transformative power of giving. Together, we can make a real and significant difference in the lives of survivors.

I want to be a founding member of Heartly House’s Healing Hearts Circle.

Contact Amy Benton, Director of Development.
Email: nthrash@heartlyhouse.org / Call: 301-418-6610