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Internship Opportunities

Interning at Heartly House is a great opportunity to develop career skills in a meaningful way. We offer internships at the undergraduate and graduate-level. Each internship requires a minimum commitment of one semester.

Undergraduate & Graduate Internships

Heartly House offers a range of internships for college credit. Most college-level internships require the completion of our comprehensive 40-hour direct service training.


Direct Service Intern

Provide direct service care to victims of intimate partner abuse, sexual assault and child abuse via the 24-hour hotline or within the counseling department. Assist with general office duties and complete a minimum of two agency assigned projects. Undergraduate Internships for any related major; no previous experience required. Must successfully complete the Heartly House 40-hour direct service training. 


Legal Intern

Heartly House is the sole provider of legal services to victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault in Frederick County.  The Intern will be present at Protective Order, Divorce, and Custody hearings.  The Intern will also assist with case preparation and participate in witness interviews, and client consultations.  Furthermore, the Intern will have the opportunity to draft Complaints for Divorce and/or Custody, Motions, Petitions of Contempt, and Discovery Requests and Responses. Opportunity limited to law students. Must successfully complete the Heartly House 40-hour direct service training.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to: Jenn Metcalf Tousey,